What Is Programmatic Marketing?

What Is Programmatic Marketing?

Simplicity and convenience have become underlying currencies for online users interacting with brands. Because of the 24-hour, global nature of the online world, being able to automate and synchronise your marketing is a necessity. The quick-pace of the digital market can make keeping relevant to your audience a time-consuming task if done manually. Programmatic marketing aims to simplify and streamline this process. We’ll look at how it works.


How Programmatic Marketing Works

Programmatic marketing or programmatic advertising is the use of software to automate the distribution of paid advertising across online mediums. 

By using extremely detailed information about your customers, like their demographics and interests, programmatic advertising allows you to run effective, strategically placed, and targeted advertising campaigns.

Every company has a different approach and requires marketing that compliments its goals, voice, and messaging while reaching its intended audience. Because of this, there are a few considerations to make when planning your programmed advertising distribution.


Implementing Programmatic Marketing to Your Business

There are multiple ways you can go about marketing your business. Getting the most success out of your online ad campaign will require detailed planning and precise execution. Here are six steps to consider with programmatic advertising.

  1. Setting Your Goals – Knowing your company’s goals and the direction you need to take is vital for any marketing tactic, including drawing up a programmatic ad campaign. This allows you to set campaign goals, activities, requirements, and outcomes aligned with your company’s purpose.
  2. Creativity – Once you know your campaign objectives and deliverables, it’s time to get creative with your advertising. Social media has introduced a new level of extreme media consumption. For brands, this means finding fresh, innovative ways of creating engaging and gripping content that cuts through the “noise” to advertise their business to their target audience.
  3. Selecting Your DSP – A demand-side platform, or DSP, is the platform you’ll use to manage how much you spend on your advertising. There are several DSP providers, so the selection relies on your campaign needs, budget, and goals. Incidentally, Taptap is a global DSP with access to *98% of all available inventory.
  4. Setting Your Campaign Parameters – This is one of the most crucial steps in the process, as it needs detailed information to ensure the success of your ad, including audience targeting criteria, advert types, and impression expectations.
  5. Using Data to Build Your Strategy – Use the information from your customers and other second and third parties to help build your scheduled marketing strategy and detail your targeting choices. This information can include:
  • Data about how your customers interact with your website or app, 
  • Their interests, 
  • Their actions on your platform.
  • Usage and survey results
  • Growth rates and insights
  1. Launching and Reviewing – Before launching your campaign, double-check your parameters to ensure you have chosen the best channels and targeting settings. When it’s up and running, monitor your insights to keep optimising your campaign setting to achieve your goals.


The Benefits of Programmatic Marketing

  • An increase in brand presence and awareness
  • Reach, generate, and nurture new and existing leads with better targeting
  • Customer retention and retargeting
  • Increase your ROI and ad reach and improve your advertising metrics
  • Lower your total ad costs

Programmatic marketing is essential for companies wanting to increase their reach and generate strong leads. At AMA Digital Media, we understand how crucial this function is and want to help you materialise success in your campaigns. 

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