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What We Offer

Omnichannel advertising and marketing intelligence, powered by location.

Taptap is a global omnichannel and location advertising technology that combines sophisticated artificial intelligence, data aggregation and geo-spatial analytics to target the right audiences at the right time. Using advanced software, our team can track cross-channel online and offline behaviour from various data partners whilst using machine learning, algorithmic modeling and human verification for precision targeting, using location to add the ultimate context and drive engagement.

Services offering

Sonata, a Demand Side (DSP) & Data Management Platform (DMP), allows us to track and target the right users on the open web, using location intelligence to pinpoint online and offline behaviour, giving us accurate insight into advanced audience and location profiling. Using data aggregation and business intelligence, we can simplify your data for deeper insights and predictive pre-bid buying decisions for the best outcome: Serving the right impressions at the right price!

Who we service

A.M.A Digital Media and Taptap partner with agencies and key B2B players looking to create a more personalised and strategic approach for their clients. 

Our technology, scale and expertise allow agencies to drive results and provide measurable ROI for our clients.

Why work with us

A.M.A Digital Media has a masterful and passionate team ready and waiting to help your clients reach untapped markets in Africa, spanning over 36 counties and 1.4 billion Africans. What’s more, Taptap has serviced 250+ local brands with a significant footprint in sub-Saharan Africa, affording us best-in-class experience across various markets and industries.

Why work with us

The Sonata Platform by Taptap offers new possibilities for data-driven omnichannel media buying across the open web and advanced geospatial market analysis for 360° insight into your business.

We connect audiences and brands globally for objective and transparent results.

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