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A.M.A Digital Media and Channel Factory deliver full-spectrum YouTube, TikTok and Meta advertising through brand safety, suitability, contextual alignment and conscious media. Using advanced intelligence technology, we ensure your content is seen on the right content channels aligning to your brand values whilst ensuring diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront of your advertising.

Services offering

Channel Factory is the only YouTube Measurement Partner that delivers audience dimensions, content, and suitability, giving you up to +73% higher chance of purchase, +600% more effective audience lists and +4x more in target delivery. So how do we do it?


Did you know that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand whose ads are relevant to their consuming content? So, we will run your ads alongside brand relatability, ensuring your business targets and gains the right audience lists.

Suitability & Safety

Aligning with your brand values means ensuring your ads are removed from any sensitive or controversial accounts. Explicit sexual content, politics, hate speech and acts of aggression, illegal drugs, terrorism, and any other field that doesn’t align with your ethos are categorically avoided to ensure brand safety and give you and your consumers peace of mind.


We run your YouTube campaigns against our exclusive audience data, gaining you scale and access to more efficient channel lists that drive performance-based results.

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Not only do we work with the world’s top brands across all industries and geographies but we also offer a seamless self-service activation that enables you to;

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