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What We Offer

Media solutions into the world’s largest and most popular mobile games with a global reach of 1.3 BILLION gamers.

Part of the global media powerhouse, Vivendi Group, Gameloft has been the world’s #1 mobile game publisher for almost 10 years running. We have 22 years of expertise designing, developing, distributing and running advertising campaigns & gaming experiences for brands & players in more than 150 countries.

Services offering

We are pioneers for in-game advertising and leaders in gaming experiences for brands. This portfolio of solutions include:

Who we service

A.M.A Digital Media and Gameloft partner up with many agencies and brands direct to build these gaming and entertainment based experiences into the mobile gaming ecosystem.

We have the largest premium mobile gaming network in the world with 1.3 billion monthly users.

Why work with us

A.M.A Digital Media has a team of gaming experts who have assisted many brands for over 8 years in South Africa and beyond. Gameloft has reach into 150 countries, many of them across the African continent in the likes of Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia.

Why work with us

We are also well equipped with many case studies across various advertising categories to help clients correctly reach this market through our portfolio of services, for any audience for any KPI.

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