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Modern podcast and live streaming platform for large radio stations to solo podcasters.

Founded in 2008, our initial vision was a world-class podcast platform that can cater to developing markets by offering very low data rates. We’ve executed this vision and served millions of podcasts to sub-saharan users on mobile networks. In 2015 we released a complementary radio streaming service that can also bring the benefits of low data rates to our market.

Services offering is the proud partner to over 1800 content brands who use our audio ecosystem, across the continent. Injected or live stream audio ads have a great impact and provides accurate and deep delivery statistics simply unavailable from traditional radio. There are low minimum ad buys as the advertising is on a per-listen basis. With traditional radio you pay for broadcast time, with us you pay for listens only. Detailed reports of downloads and listens are available so you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Fine grained information on where and how your audio is listened, available anytime via our online portal.

Who we service

We have at least 8 years of experiences in the audio space, this positions us as the knowledge source for all things audio advertising. This knowledge allows us to agnostically advise agencies and clients on where and how to invest their spend into the digital audio vertical.

Why work with us

A long term partner of the business, and a 8 year history as an ecosystem, with, the local and continental technology adoption in the market ensures scale. With this heritage we have the expertise to assist agencies and clients to drive results and provide measurable ROI for their investments. Over 1800 brands use the technology and this positions us as the market leaders from a research perspective as well, holding excellent insights into the local audio market and beyond.
Over the years the team has helped 150 + brands navigate this ecosystem and showcased how digital audio should be a key pillar of any clients media spend.

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