What is Omnichannel Marketing? Definition, Tips, and Examples

What is Omnichannel Marketing? Definition, Tips, and Examples 

The digital and physical marketing landscape is continuing to evolve drastically. With the growing number of devices and applications, companies are constantly adapting to the fast-paced realm of online marketing to reach their prospects. The need to adapt also equates to a need for brands to communicate to their audience consistently across all platforms. This is the basis of omnichannel marketing.

For a quick definition, omnichannel marketing incorporates and coordinates the various platforms and channels a company uses to communicate its marketing offering consistently and seamlessly to its customers. In simpler terms, omnichannel marketing is a tool to strengthen brand presence at every touchpoint, both on and offline. Let’s look at a few examples and tips on how it works and applying cross-channel marketing to your business.


How Omnichannel Marketing Works

The vast increase in digital channels or platforms has created the necessity for companies to find ways to communicate their messages effectively to their potential and existing customers. Also referred to as multi-channel marketing, omnichannel marketing uses customer-interest-behaviour insights to tailor how, where, and when marketing appears to prospects. This targetted approach allows you to cast a wider net that inevitably helps to increase your customer base. 

In other words, omnichannel marketing is a customer-centric marketing approach designed to:

  • Deliver consistent or uniform brand voice and messaging across all platforms 
  • Create an engaging and unique user experience that customers can associate with and expect from your brand
  • Communicate your brand identity/persona in a way that connects
  • Build trust around your brand overall


Three Useful Tips for Omnichannel Marketing

Companies are as different as the customers they serve. They will inevitably have varied marketing touchpoints and requirements. With that said, you need to know and understand the following things to execute omnichannel marketing for your business:

  • Your KPIs, company goals and direction
  • How, where, and when your customers consume information and what their interests are
  • How to best align your communication with how your target audience behaves and responds to your marketing


Examples of Multi-platform Marketing

Multi-platform marketing can take various forms and combinations, for example:

  • If you have an online business using a website, you might also use an app or multiple social media platforms to interact with your customers and leads
  • Perhaps you have a store with a physical location and an app for delivery services
  • Maybe you run an Instagram store and have an email list for all your clients

The main success element is creating a consistent user experience across all platforms and communication/interaction points. An example of a company that has done this well is Amazon

Amazon, a company that formally only operated through its website, now has an app and a Kindle device too. They are also active on multiple channels. Every customer with access to Amazon, regardless of the channel used to interact with Amazon, will have the same, continuous user experience. In doing this, Amazon has created a communication language that its customers are familiar and comfortable with, which builds brand trust and loyalty.


Applying Omnichannel Marketing to Your Business

There are several intricate factors to consider when approaching -channel marketing. This quick guide is only an introduction to understanding the base elements of multi-channel marketing. We are more than happy to guide you through the intricacies.

Aligning all your communication touchpoints is a pivotal task. At AMA Digital Media, we aim to simplify this process by giving you access to full-spectrum Facebook (Meta), YouTube, and TikTok channel marketing, as well as media-agnostic options underpinned by location intelligence. With options for self-service or specialist assistance, we find ways to be a part of your success. 

Start your omnichannel marketing success journey with us here.

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