Taptap Illuminate: Revolutionising Advertising Amidst South Africa’s Power Challenges

A.M.A Digital Media Unveils Taptap Illuminate: Revolutionising Advertising Amidst South Africa’s Power Challenges

A.M.A Digital Media — leading ad-tech and media sales house connecting media brands to African audiences — is thrilled to announce the launch of “Illuminate” by Taptap. This ingenious add-on solution is designed to transform advertising strategies amidst South Africa’s unique power challenges. Set to debut in South Africa in September 2023, this groundbreaking solution has plans for expansion into Nigeria on the horizon.

What is Illuminate?

Illuminate, the latest addition to the Taptap suite, harnesses the power of advanced geospatial advertising technology and sophisticated artificial intelligence to navigate the intricacies of load-shedding, a common occurrence that disrupts conventional advertising channels. In South Africa, scheduled power outages, known as load-shedding, have presented businesses with a formidable challenge. During these critical moments, television and radio advertising can often go undelivered, as power is cut for up to four hours at a time in the higher stages.

What can Illuminate do for advertisers?

With Illuminate, Taptap empowers advertisers, ad buyers, marketing managers, and media buyers to seize new opportunities during load-shedding events. This innovative solution ensures that ad campaigns remain agile, diverting resources away from traditional platforms like TV and radio, and toward more mobile-first placements.

Alvaro Mayol, Partner and Chief Product & Technology Officer for Taptap Illuminate notes, “We brought Illuminate to life, doubling results through the power of location. Taptap Illuminate consolidates audience, media, and business data, offering unprecedented visibility for our clients.” 

He goes on to add,  “Our ‘Context System’ transcends boundaries, serving media in real-time, aligning with specified conditions or scenarios at pinpointed locations. Data-driven strategies adapt to specific contexts, responding in real-time, helping brands achieve incredible results. Using data from Night Vision, we identified loadshed areas to maximise efficiency and reach. Adapting media contexts in each location ensures success.”

Key benefits of Illuminate by Taptap

  • Enhanced engagement: Initial tests of Illuminate have demonstrated noticeable improvements in click-through rates (CTR), view-through rates, and even physical foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. This translates to tangible results and enhanced engagement with target audiences.
  • Real-time adaptation: Illuminate seamlessly integrates with the South African load-shedding schedule, using contextual triggers to enable real-time adjustments to advertising strategies. This ensures that businesses maintain visibility and consumer engagement, even during power disruptions.
  • Expansion beyond South Africa: Following its South African launch in September 2023, Illuminate is poised to address similar power challenges in Nigeria, opening up new opportunities for advertisers to tap into this thriving market.

Illuminate: The solution South African advertisers have been waiting for

Taptap Illuminate stands as a testament to innovation in advertising technology, promising to reshape the landscape of digital advertising across Africa. This innovative solution reinforces A.M.A Digital Media’s commitment to delivering results, opening new revenue streams, and connecting advertisers with their target audiences across the continent by providing businesses with the means to thrive amidst adversity.

Andrew Gillett, AMA Digital Media’s Commercial Director commented, “We are very excited to provide this highly unique business solution to our client and agency partners. There has been significant demand for a load-shedding solution, as many brands are struggling to deliver their media budgets through TV and other traditional channels.”

He went on to note, “This solution plays into our wheelhouse — we are leveraging our expertise in location and audience mapping, combined with the attention that mobile delivers alongside the unique Taptap engagement ad units. With the current Stage 5 and 6 level outages, the performance and reach that this solution offers is, we hope, extremely well-timed.”

About A.M.A Digital Media

A.M.A Digital Media is Africa’s premier ad-tech and media sales house, connecting media brands with African audiences. With a focus on first-to-market solutions, global partnerships, and cutting-edge technologies, A.M.A Digital Media is at the forefront of driving advertising innovation on the African continent.

Join A.M.A Digital Media in lighting up your advertising strategies with Illuminate. Together, we can navigate the challenges of today’s dynamic markets and light up the path to success.

For more information about Illuminate and how it can transform your advertising strategies, please contact us here.

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