How can Twitch be Used to Promote a Brand Effectively?

How Can Twitch Be Used To Promote A Brand Effectively?

Twitch, owned by Amazon, has quickly become the largest video streaming platform, with millions of viewers streaming live content daily. Though it’s predominantly known for video game streaming, Twitch hosts a variety of content creators from different industries. Because of the traffic it generates, Twitch can be used as an effective brand promotion tool.

Twitch is still a largely untapped business marketing tool based on how few companies use it in a promotional capacity. This makes it the largest platform that isn’t yet saturated with marketing efforts from various companies. With that said, there are lucrative opportunities for companies that want to get ahead of the crowd of Twitch marketing. 

Three Ways To Use Twitch As A Business Marketing Tool

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to expand their reach, especially online. Because of the globally competitive nature of the internet, new platforms offer brands access to new audiences to market their products to. Twitch is exactly that.

We’ve put together three ways you can use Twitch to promote your brand.

Branded Channels

Companies can create their own channels to stream live content to promote their products and services. This is great for growing a company’s reach and audience and you can get started with this handy guide. Twitch can be a prime platform for nurturing your company’s existing customers and building a strong and interactive brand community. By creating weekly live content, you can expose your brand to millions of Twitch viewers while building a channel following. By keeping a consistent content strategy, you can create a live hub for your customers to engage with your company through Twitch. 

Paid Ads

Twitch also allows you to insert video adverts that you can use as banners or in-stream ads to market your channel and business. This gives brands an opportunity to create awareness for their products and services. Video ads on Twitch are only visible on specific channels and require you to be a Twitch partner to enable them. As a Twitch partner, you can set your video ad campaign parameters to flight your ads before, during, and after the stream to an engaged and interactive audience.

Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to gain brand traction on Twitch is through influencer marketing. Brands connect with popular Twitch content creators that have large followings to market their brands to new audiences. By finding influencers you can strategically align with your brand, you can expose your company to a large following of hyper-engaged viewers and increase your company’s following.

At AMA Digital Media, we understand the need for businesses to be one step ahead of the media game. That’s why we strive to help businesses meet their digital media needs more innovatively and efficiently to reach their goals. We’d love to help your company tap into new audiences and become an innovative market leader through online platforms. 

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