The Importance of Location-Based Technology to Drive Relevance and Impact

In today’s digitally based modern marketing world, any one person can view thousands of online ads on any given day. Not surprisingly, a recent study by Infolinks reported that a whopping 9 out of 10 people noted that they have banner blindness and could not recall who the last banner they saw online was from or what it was for. Over and above this, consumers are choosing to either skip through ads or avoid them entirely by paying for subscription services.

Unfortunately, this poses a real problem for marketers and businesses alike. Short of delivering messages via smoke signal or carrier pigeon, how are brands and their advertising teams meant to connect with their desired consumers? The reality is that every year millions of dollars is spent on marketing strategies, tactics, and collateral but the space is becoming increasingly cluttered, and is demanding more and more investment to break through said clutter. 

As such, advertisers are having to get smarter about the solutions they invest their time and money in, and a lot can be said for those who choose to do so with the likes of a tech solution built on the foundations of location intelligence. Say hello to the Sonata Platform by Taptap which offers a new realm of possibility for data-driven omnichannel media buying, powered by location intelligence, that delivers 360° insight into any business. 

Location intelligence rests on the premise that everything happens somewhere. A consumer is constantly making decisions throughout their day, whether actively or not: a choice to buy something from an ad they heard on the radio, a reminder to research a product that was recommended at a family braai, or even making a choice to change service-providers based off a conversation in the office. No matter where we are, people are constantly making decisions that impact brands. Taptap believes this insight is a game changer and should be harnessed to empower smarter marketing and advertising decisions. 

Scaling data through location achieves more visibility and optimal results for brands. Well beyond geo-fencing or hyper-local targeting, location creates new opportunities to connect with the consumer in a relevant but privacy-friendly manner – meaning less budget-wastage and more impact where it counts. Location-based technology allows for context which delivers a much more beneficial user-experience, and it helps advertisers bridge the gap between online and offline user-behaviour, which empowers them to make smarter communication decisions overall. 

For brands and marketers who are yet to invest in the power of location-based marketing efforts, the gaps are significant. Geo-targeted and location-based marketing campaigns have the power to speak to people like no other marketing approach, thanks to context that very few other campaigns possess such as culture, behaviour, intent, weather and so much more.

If you’re looking to discover a new world of marketing through technology that drives impact through unparalleled context, learning and analytics then get in touch with us to discuss Taptap and what it can do to help you achieve your 2023 objectives. 

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